This may be the greatest opportunity in the history of our industry. The need for professional guidance in real estate brokerage has never been more important.There are incredible brokerage needs in our local community and in all communities throughout the country.


This is the solution we want to share with you. It is RHL REFERRAL CO. LLC and it is being chosen by many agents as the solution to their concerns. Why is it their choice?

  • First, it provides the opportunity to generate substantial income from real estate transactions anywhere in the country while significantly reducing financial requirements i.e. there are no Realtor Association fees, MLS, signage, lock box, E&O, advertising or office expenses.
  • Second, it reduces time requirements allowing agents to pursue other opportunities.
  • Finally, it allows them to take advantage of the “sphere” of clients they have developed, and still add new people to that “sphere”.

How does it work?
RHL REFERRAL CO. LLC is exclusively designed as a referral company. No transactions are done by the RHL agents. They only refer clients. Therefore, other than maintaining a current license, there is no need for continued industry costs as outlined above that can easily amount to well over fifteen hundred dollars each year. And you can maintain all your contacts. You put the most powerful team, Long Realty Company, on your side and on the side of your client referral, and the choice of the most productive Long Realty agent is exclusively yours. When the transaction closes, you receive a referral commission check.

As you consider your plans for the future, you might want to seriously consider the advantages RHL REFERRAL CO. LLC can offer you to substantially reduce your costs and provide you with continued income opportunities.

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