What if I haven’t yet left my current Broker?

You may request to hire on to RHL by logging in online at ADRE. Use the Online License System and Choose to (Add/Change Employer), insert the RHL license number (LC107467000) when prompted.

How long does it take to sever my relationship with my current broker and join RHL?

This can be done immediately on-line via the Internet in real-time.

Why should I join RHL versus another referral company?

When you refer a client, you want the best possible “results” for that client. Since RHL works with Long Realty, there are over 1,150 agents in Arizona and 170,000 agents nationwide (through our network brokerage partners) who are available so we can select the best agent to meet your client’s needs. In addition, if you have a relationship with a specific Long Agent, your referral(s) can go to that specific agent.

What if my license is about to expire?

As an RHL Referral Agent, you must maintain your license in an “Active” status with ADRE in order to be eligible to legally receive referral commissions.

Can I refer a Buyer or Seller looking to Buy or Sell outside of Arizona?

Absolutely. Your referral coordinator works with over 170,000 network brokerage partner agents throughout the US and approximately 28 foreign countries. You simply submit your referral form to RHL and your coordinator will make sure your referral clients are connected with a professional agent, regardless of where they need real estate services.

Can I use a referral agent other than a Long Agent?

To provide the best available service, RHL Referral Company utilizes Long Agents exclusively, or in the case where Long does not have direct Long Agents, our network brokerage partner companies.

Can I show houses and be involved with a client whom I refer through RHL?

No, once you submit a referral to RHL, you are no longer allowed to play any part in the transaction, other than to receive your referral commission upon closing.

Can I speak with the agent assigned to my referral client?

Yes, when you submit your RHL Referral you indicate that you would like to speak with the assigned agent prior to client contact.

What if I decide to get back into real estate directly and sign up with a Broker?

You are free to sever your relationship with RHL at any time. However, you will no longer be eligible to receive referral commissions on any referrals not in Escrow at the time you sever your relationship with RHL.

What if I decide to not renew my Arizona Real Estate License upon expiration?

In order to be an agent with RHL Referral Co, you must have an “Active” real estate license with ADRE. Therefore, once your license expires, you can no longer remain an agent or receive referral commissions from RHL. You would be severed upon expiration and your license would revert back to the state.

What if I don’t know my Real Estate License number?

You can call ADRE by searching for the number on the ADRE website at www.azre.gov.

Once I join RHL, who do I contact if I have questions?

Whenever you have a question about your relationship with RHL, or that of your referral client(s) with RHL, you may either call the RHL Coordinator at 520-918-2437 or email RHL@LongRealty.com.